Glass packaging

Glass is historically one of the most widely used food packaging as it has a whole series of chemical and physical properties that make it suitable for food preservation. Glass is considered healthy and inert, because it does not cause a reaction with the substances with which it comes into contact, preserving the best chemical and organoleptic characteristics (taste and aroma). There is also an aspect that should not be underestimated: the transparency of the glass allows the quality and condition of the product to be “visually” controlled. You see what you buy.

As highlighted by an article in the November/December edition of ItaliaImballaggio, lately glass packaging is experiencing a very positive moment. In particular, we appreciate its elegance and sustainability, elements on which marketing and communication strategies focus a lot. Even in the wine sector the less valuable brands are increasingly focusing on the glass bottle at the expense of other types of packaging. For cosmetics, on the other hand, glass packaging remains the symbol of a premium product, a symbol of elegance and exclusivity.

In the end, another feature to highlight, the glass used for food packaging is totally recyclable. This allows you to decrease:

  1. the amount of waste to be treated or disposed of in landfills;
  2. transportation and waste disposal costs;
  3. the quantity of raw materials necessary for production, especially silica sand and calcium carbonate;
  4. environmental damage resulting from the exploitation of quarries, to the benefit of the territory;
  5. energy consumption; each ton of remelted scrap saves 1.2 tonnes of raw materials and about 100 kg of fuel;
  6. pollution due to combustion fumes.

Movipack: palletization and depalletization systems for glass packaging

Since glass is one of the main packaging for food and cosmetics, of course we at Movipack could treat this material with our machinery. For those who regularly use this type of product we can suggest our experience in the packaging sector and offer a solution that meets the necessities of the customer. For any information do not hesitate to contact us!