We at Movipack are always open to new opportunities and perspective to enter new markets and we have recently completed a project for an important Turkish company, leading in the national industry for food products in tin cans and glass containers.

Their necessities

  • Complete line for filling and packaging within the production area:
    • conveying;
    • accessories equipment;
    • managing software for Movipack and other suppliers’ equipment involved in the project.

The customer is an important reality in the food sector, with three large production plants located on the national territory with a production capacity of about 50,000 tons / year of food. This is translated  into a need for a complete production line that works at high speeds, in order to allow the amount of raw material to be processed.

Movipack industrial automation

Our execution

  • depalletizer:
    • No. 5  depalletizers, 4 for empty cans and 1 for filled ones;
    • sweep off depalletisers from the top for empty cans, magnetic depalletiser from the bottom for filled cans.
  • palletizer:
    • magnetic palletiser from the bottom for filled cans.
  • conveying:
    • conveying systems, for the handling of the products from upstream to downstream.
  • accessories equipments:
    • rinser gripper descenders for empty cans in different materials;
    • washers;
    • dryers.
  • managing software for Movipack and other suppliers’ equipment involved in the project:
    • a single software to manage complete lines;
    • controlling and setting of single equipment and/or complete lines;
    • remote control from PC or tablet.

Movipack: the solution for the food packaging sector

This is just one of the solutions that our company can offer its customers. Our strength is the flexibility and ability to adapt to the needs of all customers. For more information, please contact us: we will advise you the solution that best suits your necessities.