CanTech winner

We at Movipack are very proud to announce that at the recently passed CanTech The Grand Tour – held in march 2019 – we were awarded in the category “Cans Supplier Award” with a prestigious Silver Award.

We accomplished this with our “Fully automatic palletising/packing system” which integrates in a single solution 4 different functions at high speed:

  1. layer palletiser from the bottom;
  2. vertical stacker for conical cans;
  3. pick & place system for stacked cans into boxes;
  4. palletiser for filled boxes.

Lino from Movipack receiving Silver Award @Cantech

Strengths of our system:

  • one system, four different equipment;
  • automatic changing format;
  • 2 or 3 pcs cans, different shape and material;
  • Industry 4.0;ROI, 30% faster than traditional investments.

Having said that, we at Movipack certainly have no intention of stopping here: through our Research & Development team we are constantly looking for new solutions that can adapt to the needs of our customers. This award is not only a recognition we can boast of, but also a movitation to keep improving in our work.