World leader in the industrial gases, process engineering and special applications markets, Linde Group is one of the most structured companies in its are of expertise.

With its 3 divisions, Gas, Engineering and Gist – logistics services, the company bases its philosophy on continuous improvement of production processes and on the innovation of products and services offered to customers, always with a view to sustainable development.

The group was founded in 1879 in Wiesbaden, when Carl von Linde started the company for the production of ice machines. Following the success achieved thanks to the patent of the first air separation plant, the Technical Gases & Engineering division was established.

In Italy

Linde came to Italy in 1991, the year in which Linde Gas Italia was founded. The company aims to offer a wide range of compressed and liquid gases, as well as chemicals, making it an important and reliable partner for various industrial sectors.
Linde Gas Italia makes its gas production, bottling and distribution centers available to customers, as well as a dense network of sales points for a widespread service.

MOVIPACK has been accompany the group since June 2014, as an agent with storage, consolidating the partnership thanks to the distribution of molecules on a regional scale.

Gases play a crucial role in numerous production and processing techniques. The main industrial sectors are:

Food industry

Modified atmosphere packaging

Beverage industry

Carbonation of mineral waters and beverages,
Inertization, pressurization of PET bottles in the production of soft drinks and in the tapping of beverages


Cooling processes


Study and design of aquaculture facilities
Containment seafood basin creation
Water pretreatment, oxygenation and oxygen management systems
Automatic feed distribution systems
Transformation and processing plants


Water treatment in sewage treatment plants
Counteraction of alkaline waters
Cryo-condensation of volatile organic compounds


Welding and cutting
Electric arc procedures
Laser technologies
Autogenous technique
Thermal spraying

Chemical and petrochemical industry

Oxidation and hydrogenation processes

Fine chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Pharmacopoeia compliant gases
Low temperature reactions

Rubber and plastic processing

Cryogenic deburring of rubber
Expansion of thermoplastic polymers
Gas assisted injection molding

Metallurgical industry

Melting processes
Thermal treatments

Glass industry

Melting processes
Glass transformation and processing

Construction and infrastructure industry

Ground freezing
Concrete cooling

HiQ. Solutions for special gases

High purity gas and instrumentation gas
Chemical and rare gases
Mixtures for process calibration

On-Site supply systems

Customized supply solutions, both in terms of flow rates and purines

To guarantee top level standards of service and well-equipped storage, Movipack has a continuous shuttle between the hub of Verona and Arluno.

The offer to its customers includes: 

  • empty tank collection
  • on-site tank delivery
  • installation, technical assistance and monitoring of the processes
  • procurement of tanks in desired quantity and sizes
  • procurement of welding systems and materials
  • procurement of cutting and welding machinery and equipment

Gas Department