Ever-constant research: our strength

MOVIPACK has an R&D department, which co-operates with the design and engineering department; equipped with all the computer graphics and 3D prototyping tools, it deals with budgeting custom solutions that require a preliminary study.

MOVIPACK is committed to researching for the best components available, to the development of products, processes and correct sizing in order to achieve the maximum efficiency and durability of the machines, to the study of ergonomics and the man-machine interface, all of which enable to guarantee safety and efficiency to its products.

MOVIPACK develops machines using eco-friendly and recyclable materials, reducing energy consumption to bare minimum. The main machines of the MOVIPACK portfolio are in fact equipped with an energy recovery and reuse system.

Furthermore, for the existing machine fleet, the company develops software updates to allow upgrades (technical and / or potential) that are easy to implement, which guarantee an excellent resale value.