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Whether we are talking about the food or cosmetic sector, the reference packaging remains the aluminum can.
There are several features that make it so flexible and suitable for different uses:

  1. aluminum is a 100% recyclable material. This feature is important because it allows us to protect the environment from the production of further waste to be disposed of, and it also saves energy to make the finished product instead of starting from the raw materials;
  2. aluminum is versatile: with aluminum it is possible to create many shapes and sizes to adapt to the product to be packaged. We can have both convenient disposable portions of canned food (just think of canned tuna or food for our pets), cans for drinks, and packaging for cosmetic products such as sprays and perfumes;
  3. aluminum is light: which reduces transport costs;
  4. aluminum is a good insulator: it offers protection from light, oxygen, humidity and any form of environmental contamination.

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One growing sector in the use of aluminum cans is breweries, especially craft ones, and it is not difficult to understand why. The aluminum can offers many advantages over other types of packaging:

  • it does not allow light to pass through, which would lead to oxidation and therefore a change in the aroma and flavor of the beer;
  • it is light and easily transportable;
  • it is cheaper than other materials;
  • it is possible to have a serigraphy on the whole surface, in order to fully customize your product.

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