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The Linde Group is a world-leading gas and engineering company with around 63,500 employees in more than 100 countries worldwide. In the 2013 financial year, Linde generated revenues of EUR 16.655 bn. The strategy of the Group is geared towards long-term profitable growth and focuses on the expansion of its international business with forward-looking products and services.

Linde acts responsibly towards its shareholders, business partners, employees, society and the environment – in every one of its business areas, regions and locations across the globe. The company is committed to technologies and products that unite the goals of customer value and sustainable development.

The Linde Group was founded in Wiesbaden in 1879, when Carl Von Linde founded the very first refrigeration machine Company.

After the success obtained by the patent of the first air liquefaction, and then the air separation plant, the Gases and Engineering divisions were established.

In Italy:

The Linde Group came to Italy in 1991, year of the creation of Linde Gas Italia. The company offers a wide range of compressed and liquefied gases as well as chemicals, which makes it an important and reliable partner for a huge variety of industries.

The Linde Gas Italia has many chemical production and packaging facilities throughout the world with substantial bulk storage, bulk breaking and blending capabilities.

Industrial gases are used everywhere, at all times and with many uses. Gas plays a crucial role in numerous production and processing techniques. The main industrial gas sectors are:

Food: Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and freezing

Beverage: gases are used in different processes:
– Blanketing, purging & sparging with CO2, nitrogen (N2) and argon to prevent oxidation
– Carbonation of drinks using highest purity carbon dioxide (CO2)
– Post-mix and pre-mix dispensing with CO2 and other gas mixtures for the perfect beverage at the point of sale
– Pressurising containers/bottles with N2 to increase the strength of plastic bottles.

Oenology: gases are very important for the bottling, refreshing and reassembling processes

Aquaculture: studying and planning of aquaculture plants, containment seafood basin creation, pre-treatment water systems, oxygenation and oxygen management, animal feed automatic distribution systems and transformation and manufactory systems.

Environment: Water treatment for purification systems, counteraction of alkaline waters, cryocondensation of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Manufactoring: Cutting, Joining and Heating processes, electric arc process, laser technologies, autogenic welding, thermal spraying.

Fine Chemical and Petrochemical: Hydrogenation and Oxidation processes, Inertization, industrial services.

Chemistry and pharmaceutical: Pharmacopoeia compliant gases, low temperature reactions

Plastic and rubber processing: Foaming, Gas Injection Moulding (GIM), Advanced temperature control, Tyre curing.

Steel and metal: Iron foundries, heat – treatment

Glass industry: Glass modelling with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and mathematical modelling (GS®), melting process

Construction & Infrastructure: Construction, Heavy Machinery, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC), Offshore (rigs, oil & gas platforms etc), Pipelines, Wind, Wave & Tidal.

HiQ Specialty Gases: High- purity and instrumentation gases, rare and chemicals gases, gases mixture for process calibration

On-site supply system: customised supply solutions both in terms of capacity and pureness

To guarantee top level standards of service and well-equipped storage, Movipack has a continuous shuttle between the hub of Verona and Arluno. The Company is always very dedicated to providing the best products to its customers, ensuring the fully complete stock of all gases available in the catalogue of Linde Gas.

Movipack offers to its customers:

  • empty tank collection
  • on-site tank delivery
  • installation, technical assistance and monitoring of the processes
  • procurement of tanks in all the sizes and quantity required
  • procurement of welding systems and materials
  • procurement of cutting and welding machinery and equipment.

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Gas Department