MOVIPACK is an advanced company, specialized in planning and manifacturing machines for the industrial sector.

Experience and technology are the basis of MOVIPACK’s success, a company which was founded by uniting the experience and productivity of entrepreneurs, who have more than 40 years of activity in this business.

In keeping with costumer and market demands, MOVIPACK offers the latest technological machinery and a faster, more efficient and detailed pre and post sale service.

The secrets of MOVIPACK’s success are the same as those which have always been at the heart of its founders since the 70s: a real passion for their work, honesty, and a solid determination to reach results together with their customers.

Over the years, the experience and professionalism of the founders has been supported by the young personnel, who encouraged new technologies and innovative solutions, while maintaining respect for the experience of the past.

MOVIPACK boasts a detailed sales network both in Italy and abroad.

Growth and development: the key values

The company mission focuses on constant research and technology innovation in order to plan and produce innovative and efficient systems.

Thanks to the partnership with ABB, the world-wide leader in robotics, technologies for energy and automation for utility and industry, MOVIPACK is able to offer, in addition to the traditional line of products, new versions of robotic machines, that improve efficiency and competitiveness.

The automation using robots, allows the creation of new methods of handling, and primary and secondary packaging, as well as new varieties of products which assure flexibility and an increased productivity.

The key factors of our success are the same as always: skilled technicians, the best parts and components and the best technology. Furthermore all the machines are in accordance with the machinery directive CE, suitable for working environments and in accordance with current laws.

Personal service, technology and flexibility

For each product line, MOVIPACK meets the requirements for sorting, handling and transport. MOVIPACK implements special applications such as automatic sorting and pakaging systems and completely personalized machinery at customers’ request.

The costumer is assisted by a 24 hour/7 day customer service, with immediate response in Italy and abroad. MOVIPACK technicians also provide a teleservice for machine control software and for all software modifications and personalization.

Ever-constant research: our strong point

MOVIPACK has an preliminary projects department, which co-operates with the engineering and design department; it has all the advanced graphic and 3D equipments and its objective is to plan all the personalized solutions, and do all the preliminary studies.

MOVIPACK is committed to continuous technological innovation; to searching for the best components available; to the development of products and processes and the correct sizing for maximum efficiency and durability of the machines; to the careful study of ergonomics and the man-machine interface, all of which enable them to guarantee the safety and efficiency of its products.

Before launching a new machine or component, MOVIPACK produces a prototype which is tested from 12 to 20 months in real work situations, before the product is put on the market.

MOVIPACK develops machines in harmony with the environment, using environmentally friendly and recyclable materials, which have a low impact on the environment and minimize energy consumption. The main machines are equipped with a system of energy recovery and re-use.

Furthermore, MOVIPACK develops easy to implement technical and potentiality updates for the existing fleet of machines to guarantee an excellent resale value.

Most of the implantations installed during this 40 years are still working and the ordinary maintenance is moderate, thanks to the high-level quality of MOVIPACK’s raw materials and products.

The power of numbers

Thanks to over 80 customers and about 600 plants in Italy and abroad, MOVIPACK aims to offer design and installation of machinery implants and complete lines for the packaging and handling sector, and industrial automation.

Movipack establishment is in Lombardy, where the headquarter with its commercial and executive offices, the engineering department and the research and development division are all based.

Furthermore, MOVIPACK has a diffused sales network both in Italy and abroad.

Even machines have a heart

Trusting MOVIPACK means guaranteeing long life machines, certified and made to the highest standards, with a series of advantages that really make the difference.

Among other services, MOVIPACK offers competitive prices, exchange of used machinery, rapid delivery, and an internal management system that enables the customer to control your order status/progress at any time, and to consult all documents on the company web site.

Contact us for any request, you will be answered by our salesperson in your area.

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